Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disneyland - Day 1

A month before Disneyland, we made a countdown calendar. It made the anticipation almost unbearable. We were all so excited. And I have to admit... I was probably more excited than any of my kids. I am such a Disney fan. 

The Sunday before we left, we had dinner all together and Marie, my sister in law, made these cute Mickey treats. They were so awesome, and made everyone even more excited.

We picked the kids up from school early Tuesday afternoon and headed for the airport. I was a little nervous about the airport... okay, a lot nervous. Having five kids is a lot to manage any time, but going through security was insane. 

We made it through security and met the rest of the family at the gate. Briya was obviously the most excited for her first trip to Disneyland.

The plane ride went really well. My brother in law, Brett, wanted to hold Briya and he held her the whole plane ride. It was so sweet. I actually got out my kindle and read for a lot of the plane ride. It was Maverik's first airplane ride and I didn't even get a picture. He loved it. He was so excited. While we were taking off he was really loud and kept yelling, "Here we go!!!!". It was adorable.
Before we left, I had this idea in my head of the pictures I would take, and the food I would taste, and the memories we would make... On the plane ride, I started to realize that  I might not even get my camera out, let alone the rest... First lesson learned - Don't ever have a set plan in your head... it never works out.

We made it to California and after a truly terrifying shuttle ride to our hotel, the girls and I were ready to head to Disneyland. We got Eddie settled with the boys and Briya and they headed to Downtown Disney to the Rainforest Cafe to meet the rest of the family for dinner. That is one of my all time favorite places to eat, so I was sad that the girls and I missed that but we were too excited for Mickey's Halloween Party to feel too bad. 
Mickey's Halloween Party was the best thing I have ever done at Disneyland. It was fantastic. The party starts at 6:00 p.m. but you are allowed to enter the park 2 hours before that. We got into the park a little before 5:00 pm and I couldn't stop smiling. The atmosphere is like no other. I love Disneyland!!!
The girls and I headed towards Adventure land first. There was so much to take in and look it. We decided to go on Pirates of the Carribean first. We had to wait in a 20 minute line and the girls were so anxious about that. I told them 20 minutes was nothing compared to what it would be the next day. After Pirates, we headed to Splash Mountain. Splash Mountain is my favorite ride!! We ran all the way to the front of the line. There was a 0 minute wait. It was awesome. Then we went to Indiana Jones. The wait was 5 minutes. We headed to Space Mountain, another 5 minute wait, and then the Matterhorn which was less than 5 minutes. I wanted to start trick or treating but the girls just wanted to do rides. We trick or treated for awhile and our bags got a little bit heavy. Then we went back on Indiana Jones and over to It's a Small World. I swear we were the ONLY people riding that ride. There was nobody in the boats in front of us or behind us. It was surreal. I felt like a VIP! We watched some fireworks and went trick or treating a little more. 

 It was Liberty's first time on the Indiana Jones ride and she loved it! She kept saying, "Let's go back and do Indiana Jones again!!"
 We were starving by the time the fireworks rolled around so we took a little break and hit up the famous Little Red Wagon for Corn Dogs. This was the longest line we waited in the whole night. It seemed like it took forever, but it was really only about 15 minutes. By that time the girls could barely keep their eyes open. They were so tired. I was prepared to stay until we were literally being kicked out of the park, but I knew the girls would never last. 

By about 11:00 pm, the girls were asking to go back to the hotel. I was the kid in this situation and said, "Okay, but just a few more ride, please???" We went on Snow White and Pinnochio and hit up Indiana Jones one more time. We did a little more trick or treating on the way out of the park. We made it back to our hotel at about midnight. The girls just fell into bed. They were so exhausted. I was still pumped up from the Disneyland action! Really, it's sad how much I love Disneyland. 
This is my haul of goodies. I really liked that there was a lot of healthy options thrown in there too. At one trick or treat stand they handed out little bags of baby carrots, and I opened mine up right there and gobbled them down. They were delicious. 

We stayed at the Anaheim Desert Inn & Suites. We were lucky enough to have a suite which means there were two rooms connected by a door. The oldest 4 kids stayed in one room and Eddie and I slept in the other room. The rooms weren't fancy, but they were nice and you can't beat the location. It was just across the street from Disneyland. 
The first night Briya threw up all over our bed. I later found out it was because Eddie fed her almost his entire smoothie at dinner. Obviously her little tummy wasn't used to that, but she is our little piggie and will eat and eat and eat until she explodes. Everyone slept well, and the Disney Fairy even managed to make a visit.
Each night the Disney Fairy  (AKA mom) would leave a surprise for each kids at the foot of their beds. I had bought some fun Disney themed toys at Walmart before the trip for about a billion times cheaper than you can find at the park. My kids really looked forward to it and I feel like it was a huge success in the fact that they didn't ask for hardly anything at Disneyland. They were content with what the Disney Fairy left them. The first night they all got Disney Pez's and a small stuffed animal. The second night some silly putty and various Disney themed small toys. And the third night Disney lollipos (bought at the park) and their favorite character toy.  

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