Thursday, February 28, 2013

Black Hawk Jump

Eddie had an unplanned Black Hawk jump and we decided to go watch him. Despite the frigid temperature, it was really amazing. It also will probably be his last jump, so it was a pretty special event. He has been in this Airborne Unit for so long that I can't imagine anything else, but newer and more amazing opportunities have come his way, and I think it's finally time for him to move on. 
(Some of these pictures were taken by the photographer of their unit. I was happy to be able to get copies!)
You would never guess that he is afraid of heights. We were trying to figure out how many jumps he has under his belt. He has it written down somewhere. 

The helicopters were so cool to watch. Mav and Ryder loved them. They both wanted a ride so bad.

It was a glorious day for a jump!

With the helicopter blades going, it was so cold.

Ryder was so funny. He loved stomping on all of the crusty snow, and he would get closer and closer to the helicopter until Eddie or I yelled for him to come back.

I have to admit, my stomach does a flip flop right before the jump. 

It was so neat to see them jump.

They wanted to be away from the helicopters when they took off because of how cold the propellers made it.

Ryder tried to sneak on the helicopter but when they started up, he came running towards me like he was being chased. It was too funny.

As they drifted down, it looked like jellyfish in the sky. It really looked peaceful... until they hit the ground. Wow, they hit hard. No wonder Eddie has chronic knee problems.
I was so glad we were able to be there for his last jump. We both have mixed feelings of him moving out of this unit, but we both feel it is the best. Farewell 19th SF!

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Amy C. said...

Wow! You got some super good pictures! You must have had your nice camera. They are all amazing and look like ones you would see in a magazine!

and the jumping part is cool too. Do you think you could do it?