Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Sport

Maddy finished her season of basketball this last Saturday. I have tried not to force basketball on her even though I love it so much. But it seems that she's really starting to like it and is getting pretty good too!

Her shooting has improved a lot, and I keep kicking myself because she doesn't know more about the basic game. We are going to work on that a lot this summer.

She got to have Amber as her coach most of her games. Amber is a girl from our ward and we love her!

She got to know these girls really well and the three of them were definitely the best on their team.

She also got to play with one of her best friends. They were mad that they always got put on opposite teams though.

Oh basketball... it really is the best sport. I love it so much. I would play it every single day if I could. Maddy is really a scrappy player. Her coach commented several times on how she was the only one that would run and get the ball, and she always got several steals in each game. I love to watch her play and can't wait until we can play outside together when it warms up.

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Maher's said...

Maybe I can help you coach her someday since I won't have any girls to coach!