Friday, February 1, 2013

Liebster Award

I had a sweet friend nominate me for a Liebster award. The Liebster Award is a recognition that is passed on from one small blogger to another as a way of supporting each other. Danielle, who nominated me is the blogger on A Geeky Crafty Life. She makes some awesome quilts and other sewing fun stuff. I wish I had those skills. Here is what she had me do:

Nominate 3 of your favorite blogs. 

Hmmm... I nominate Riki from The Lyman Lowdown. Because I love reading her blog and we have a lot of similar taste and she's the only other person I actually know that keeps up her blog on a regular basis which I love love love. ha, ha

I also nominate Traci from The Bulkley Family. She is so inspiring. I cry almost every time I read her blog. She is a rock!

And finally Ang from Comfy Country Crafts. I love her blog and I wish she would start updating again... 

Say 3 random facts about YOU ... and 3 about the person (or living breathing "thing") in the house with YOU right now (this could be neat!!)

Okay, I don't like bacon
I love unicorns
I'm a little obsessed with mangos. I will choose Mango flavor over any flavor.

3 random facts about my hubby:
He's an airborne paratrooper. He jumps out of airplanes.... pretty cool
He used to be a HUGE daredevil and should probably have died quite a few times from the stunts he's pulled, but now he's kind of a baby (shshshsh, don't tell him I said that)
He has an excellent voice that not many people know about. I love to hear him sing.

Answer these: 
1) What was the last book your read? House of Secrets by Jeffrey Savage (really good!)
2) Where was the last restaurant you went out to eat at - and why/with who. Denny's with my hubby, my 2 brother in laws, and 2 sister in laws (at midnight!! it was awesome)
3) Have you ever painted your toe nails? Seriously... I have to have my toenails painted! I feel weird when they aren't
4) What is your favorite quote? I have so many, but one of them is: Life's hard. It's even harder when you're stupid. - John Wayne
5) What is your favorite song? I have way too many, but my 2 favorite bands are Coldplay and Maroon 5

Okay, I hope you ladies decide to join the fun. I think these things are so fun. Here are my simple rules:

Nominate 3 people

Tell 5 of your likes and 5 of your dislikes

Answer these questions:
If you were a color what would you be and why?
What's your dream vacation?
What do you do to relax?
Do you have a coping mechanism for stress? What is it?
If you had a free day to yourself, what would you do?

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