Thursday, January 31, 2013

A January of Briya

January was consumed with this little bug. Holding Briya, rocking Briya, feeding Briya, holding Briya... She loves to be held, and does not like much of anything else. As long as she is being held, she doesn't cry or fuss, but if I try and lay her down or put her in the swing or bouncer, she let's me know she's not happy about it. I can really see that she has filled out through this progression of pictures. She had such skinny arms and legs, but is starting to get a little chub now and looking more like a baby instead of a newborn. She still molds right into me which I absolutely love. I hope she stays snuggly forever.
This newborn outfit that my friend let me borrow is drowning her. It makes me laugh. 

Libby is constantly asking to hold her. I love this picture so much!

She sleeps best when she's swaddled up tight like a little papoose. 

She's done lots of sleeping on mommy.

And lots of sleeping on daddy.

The kids love playing with her. Libby got out her tiny doll wagon and we discovered that Briya fit perfectly in it. The kids laughed and laughed as they pulled her around.

Then we discovered that she loves to be pulled around in this wagon. It keeps her perfectly content. So that has become Libby's job when I need to get some things done.

Maddy has become such a little momma. She just loves taking care of Briya. 

Another newborn outfit that was way too big for her at first.

Briya got this awesome pink unicorn for Christmas. 

Eventually she started to sleep better in her crib. She loves to sleep with her hands above her head like this. When she's swaddled up, she always manages to get her hands free.

She started to be awake more and more towards the end of January. She loves studying things and always has her little tongue sticking out.

Those arms are always out and above her head.

When she doesn't want to do a photo shoot... she lets me know. And I'm  always dressing her up and taking pictures. She tolerates it moderately well, but sometimes enough is enough!
I love this picture so much. I was talking in a high voice and snapped this picture. I didn't even realize she had smiled so big until after I downloaded the pictures off my camera. She has really changed and grown this month. I took all of her newborn clothes out of the drawer today, and she is now officially in size 0-3 months clothes. Although they are still way big on her, I'm so happy that I can now play dress up with lots more clothes. Can you tell that I'm smitten. I'm like a little girl playing dress up with a doll. She is my doll baby. So cute and perfect.

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