Saturday, January 12, 2013

One Month

I can't believe my little Briya is 1 month old. She is so perfect. I am so in love with her.  She is still such a little thing. She is finally filling out her newborn clothes. The 0-3 month clothes still drown her. I'm patiently waiting to play dress up with all of her cute 0-3 month clothes.
She is a pretty content baby. She likes to sit in her bouncer and watch her brothers and sisters go crazy. She likes to be rocked to sleep and she likes me to hold her when she is sleeping so it has been a bit of a challenge to figure out how to get things done.

 She now goes one long stretch of 4 -5 hours at night sleeping and then it's back to every 3 hours to eat on the dot. She takes a really long time to eat. It takes her an hour or slightly longer to finish a feeding. 
She spits up a lot. She is by far my spittiest baby.
I weighed her on my scale at home and she weighed 7 lbs 6 oz. That is still so tiny. That is smaller than my next smallest baby was at birth!
At exactly 4 weeks old she gave me her first real smile. She has always smiled a ton in her sleep, so it was so fun to see her awake and smiling. She loves to study my face and will stare at me for quite some time. I love the intense concentration that she has while doing this.
She loves taking a bath, but she hates getting out in the cold air. 

She really likes her bouncer chair, but still doesn't like the swing. She lasts about 5 minutes in the swing and then is done. 
Her eyes are still blue, but very dark blue.
She really likes her car seat and will sleep a long time while in it. It makes running around doing errands very easy.
Everything about her is sweetness. I can sit and hold her for hours. I love her grunts and noises. She makes a lot of different noises now and it just makes me laugh and laugh. I hold her a lot, and try not to worry about all the stuff not getting done.


Libby said...

Oh my gosh, Sadie, she is adorable! I was so bummed I couldn't hold her on Sunday (I was still a little sick).

Riki Lee said...

She is so cute! Stan looks so big compared to her! I'm like you-I like to hold the baby and not think about what else I could be doing around the house. It's just the best. I can't believe she takes that long to eat! Wow!

Amy C. said...

Darling! I loved to hold her too. I can't wait to do it again. And she is super tiny and sweet! So glad she is part of your family.