Monday, December 31, 2012

December Traditions

I always have a whole list of Christmas activities and traditions that we do in December. Being 9 months pregnant and then having a newborn made it hard to keep up, but we did manage to get some of our traditions in. While some of our traditions totally tanked (We had a whole stack of wrapped Christmas books on Christmas morning that didn't get unwrapped during the Christmas countdown)  I didn't mind at all that we spent more time relaxing and playing with cousins and friends.
We made a gingerbread house.

And mustaches out of frosting.

I love that we got so much snow this December! The kids were out sledding and building snow forts a lot.

Ryder usually doesn't like to play in the snow as much as the others, but even he got out in the snow and had fun.

Racing down our sledding hill has become the favorite way to sled.

Maverik loves to be outside. I have found him several times outside in shorts and a T-shirt without his winter stuff on. When he is all bundled up, he can stay outside for hours.

And after they get bored of sledding, they build forts and have snowball fights.

Our tradition of burning the Christmas tree has become much anticipated.  This year our tree died a week before Christmas and it was so dry and dead, I was a little concerned about the safety of it inside. When Eddie lit it on fire, it went up in 15 foot flames in a matter of seconds. 

Of course, we were there to take advantage of the flames by roasting marshmallows.

One of my favorite traditions is going bowling the week after Christmas. We have done this the past few years, and it just gets funner and funner. I stink at bowling so bad. All of my kids beat me... even Maverik.

Maddy wanted to show all the kids how to bowl... I'm surprised she didn't hurt herself.

Ryder was so into it this year. He was dancing like crazy to the music and  he wanted to stay and bowl after everyone else got tired of it.

It was Briya's first official "outing" and she seemed really content. I thought the crazy lights and sound might be a little over stimulating but she was content to just sit and watch us.
I was surprised at how much Maverik liked bowling also.  He really liked his bowling shoes. I thought they were pretty cute too.

After bowling, the kids and Eddie did a few games of laser tag. Grandma had sent each of them $10 dollars for Christmas to do something with afterwards and they decided they wanted to spend it on the arcades. I've never seen such happy kids. I like how you put the money on a card and then swipe the card at each game. It made it very simple for us. Each kid got their own card and when the card was empty, they knew their money had run out. No running to mom and dad begging for more money. It worked out perfectly.

Eddie got me this poinsetta plant for my birthday, and I was surprised to see how beautiful and long lasting it was. It made the house seem so festive. It's still sitting on our table just as perfect as the day he brought it home to me.

We made snow ice cream also... or as we like to call it, snow cream. It was really yummy. Libby ate 3 bowls full and kept asking for more.

I love Christmas traditions and spending time with my little family. It makes my heart happy.

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