Saturday, July 5, 2014

San Diego Trip

The Lyman family San Diego trip has been planned for quite some time, so we were all giddy with anticipation and excitement by the time it rolled around. I was most concerned about navigating the airport with 5 kids and 7 suitcases. I didn't get a picture of all of us and our luggage, but it was a crazy experience!

Briya was an angel on the airplane. She fell asleep right away, and then when she woke up she spent the rest of the time looking out the window. 

I made each of the kids a surprise bag for the plane with snacks and treats and things to do. Ryder dumped all of his out on his tray and made himself at home. The stewardesses thought it was hilarious. 

I found these Coral Reef Cakes before we left and packed them in my suitcase. When we got to the hotel, we had a family meeting and I passed these out to eat as we discussed our family rules and how following them would help us have the funnest time. It was perfect! 

The kids immediately changed into their swimming suits and we headed to the the Bay which was right outside of our hotel room. 

The girls went shell hunting and the boys played in the water. They were so excited. 

We stayed at the Bahia hotel which was only a little walk from Mission Beach. I feel like it was a perfect location, and I loved being so close to the water. 

That night, we all went on the Bahia Belle Cruise around the Bay. Eddie stayed in the room with Maverik who was taking a much needed nap. Ryder was having a hard time, so we mostly sat on this bench while I tried not to threaten to throw him overboard. He was determined to be a stinker. 

Uncle Joe was happy to hold Briya for me. 

It was so fun having all the cousins together and aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grandpa. 

After the Bay Cruise, we headed back to the pool and ate pizza by the pool. 

I had to take a picture of these ducks. There was a momma duck and her super cute, little baby ducklings. When Mav saw them, he ran over to them so full of joy. He was caught off guard and horrificly surprised when momma duck suddenly attacked him. It was hilarious. That momma duck was so protective. She grabbed onto Maverik's pants right on his rear end. It was too funny. 

They also had a movie at the pool. Liberty loved being able to watch a movie at the pool. And the free popcorn was awesome too!

When we walked to Mission Beach and the kids saw the ocean with the big waves coming in, they were so excited! They started shouting and running, and immediately started building sand castles. 

We got some boogie boards, and the older kids were fearless. They spent all day, every day riding the waves. 

Briya and her cousin, Stanford, were the cutest. I loved watching them play in the sand. Babies on the beach are the cutest. 

Briya loved walking on the beach and the sand didn't bother her at all. I brought baby powder since it came recommended to get sand off and it really worked well! We had to keep a close eye on her because she loved wandering off to other people places and making herself at home and stealing beach toys. 

Eddie on Briya duty. 

I loved that there were so many of us to stake a claim on the beach. We had plenty of sand toys thanks to Grandma and Grandpa. 

Maddy loved walking with Briya into the waves. I love this picture. It is such a sweet sister picture. 

Ryder really didn't want to go to the beach. He wanted to stay at the Bay and the pool. In fact, I literally had to drag him, kicking and screaming to walk to the real beach. When he saw the waves, he immediately stopped and just stared for several minutes. He found a boogie board, and from that moment on I couldn't get him out of the waves. He LOVED boogie boarding and got quite good at riding the waves. He never tired of it. 

All day, every day, he was on the boogie board. Hmm... maybe he'll be a future surfer. 

Marie, Amy, Libby, and I walked a few miles to the nearest grocery store to get groceries for the week. We ended up with 2 full grocery carts and had to take a taxi back. It was so much fun. 

Look at all those gallons of milk! It was so nice to have cereal and milk in the mornings and lots of snacks and lunches handy. 

Maddy loved boogie boarding and spent most of her time in the ocean. 

The boys wanted to be buried in the sand so we had a lot of fun with that. 

I dug a really deep pit to make a baby playpen for the 3 babies. They were not impressed. I thought it was hilarious watching them try to climb out of it. 

Maverik loved playing in the sand. He spent hours making castles.

There was a lot of castle making. In fact, a whole line of Lymans. 

Some of us preferred sun bathing. 

On the 4th of July, we decided to spend the day at the Bay and rent a bunch of water toys. 

Briya loved being toted around by everyone. 

I tried paddle boarding and loved it!

Of course, Briya had to try it too. 

Eddie gave all the kids rides on the paddleboard. 

I think Briya consumed way more sand than is healthy for a toddler, but she didn't seem to mind.  

Since it was the 4th of July, I did miss the parades and BBQ's and fireworks and other holiday celebrations, but it was definitely a very memorable 4th of July, and we had an amazing day. That night, we could see the Sea World fireworks from our balcony. 

The paddle boat was impossible, but a great leg workout. 

Maddey, Briya, and I took the kayak for a long ride. 

There were some really amazing trees at the Bahia. I was in love with them. 

One night, Amy, Joe, Maddy, Crystal, Rooker, Bailey, and I went and rode this rollercoaster. It was spontaneous and a lot of fun. 

There was a little ice cream shop right by the beach and it became a tradition to eat ice cream on the beach every day. It was awesome. 

Briya loved carrying these big buckets around. She wanted me to fill it with water from the waves but then she would get so mad when she tried to carry it with the water and couldn't because it was so heavy. It was hilarious. 

More ice cream on the beach. 

On our last night there, our group left the beach, but my little family decided to stay to watch the sunset. 

Then I thought of taking some sillouhette pictures. I love how they turned out. I plan on tweaking them in photoshop so I can hang them on my wall. 

You would think it would be easier to get a picture since I didn't have to worry about them all looking at the camera at the same time or smiling or blinking or making weird faces, but nope, it was still almost impossible to get a picture. 

But still so much fun. I can't believe these 5 perfect people are mine. 

Our plane didn't leave until 4 pm so we decided to go to the beach one last time on our last day. 

The kids made a giant sandcastle with Uncle Bryan. 

More cute cousin fun. 

Eddie and I found this little place by the beach to eat and ended up eating there 3 times. It was so good. They had some killer nachos!

It was an amazing trip with so many wonderful moments and lovely memories. We were all exhausted by the end and Libby ended up falling asleep on the luggage rack of the airport shuttle. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for making it all possible.