Monday, June 30, 2014

June Flys By

June flew by with lots of fun. We enjoyed plenty of days of summer lounging, late nights, and ice cream cones. I love summer. 

I've had this beautiful plant for 3 years and this was the first year it bloomed... and look at all those blooms!! It made me so happy.

In May and June, I let Buddy graze around our property. There was plenty of lush grass and weeds everywhere. I figured out that it saved us $120 in hay by letting him eat off of our land for two months instead of feeding him hay. We also fed the rabbits only weeds that we pulled which saved another $40. Something about that makes me feel great. 

Briya broke out in this crazy rash all over her legs and arms and face. When I took her in, she also had another ear infection and a separate skin infection. Sheesh! No more doctor visits please. 

Eddie left for 2 weeks in June. We definitely missed him. By the end of the 2nd week, I was ready to pull my hair out. 

Briya found these sunglasses and refused to take them off. She loves them. But she only likes to wear them inside. The minute we go outside she takes them off. She's so funny.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

June means Girls Camp to me! This was my 5th year at Girls Camp. The last four years I have been assistant camp director, but I recently got released from that calling because I already had 2 callings plus I was called to go on the youth trek. It was so different going to Girls Camp as a leader and not as assistant camp director. I had A LOT more time... It took me awhile to get used to not doing anything and just sitting around visiting with the girls. I have to admit, I loved it! This was Maddy's first year going to Girls Camp. I was so so happy that I got to go with her. Look at all these cute beehives riding in my car!

I set up my personal progress area and was amazed that on the first day the Miamaids went to town! They accomplished so many. In fact, I had over 30 personal progress goals passed off to me just at camp. It was amazing. It seriously brought tears to my eyes. Personal Progress rocks!

This Girls Camp was so crazy. The Young Women presidency knew they were being released right after camp but couldn't tell anyone, so the whole time we felt a little bipolar. Up, down, all over the place. It was hard. The picture is of my dear friend, Amy. She is the best. She was the President of the Young Womens and all week I kept having a really hard imaging young womens without her. Of course, I know change is necessary and good, but sometimes it can be really hard. 

We had some yummy food. These campfire cones are my favorite. 

More silly and fun beehives.

Our hike was awesome. We stopped in this meadow and it was just so gorgeous. I really loved connecting with nature. It was amazing. 

I had a lot of great moments with this girl... how is she already taller than me? I loved watching her experience Girls Camp.

Beehives on the hike.

Beehives in the meadow. 

Maddy and I in the meadow. 

There were so many beautiful stops.

After the hike, we went to the lake to swim. It was FREEZING cold. But most of the girls didn't mind. They swam and had a great time. 

There were a few Laurels that came, and I really enjoyed talking with them and just hanging out. I remember them 5 years ago as little Beehives. It's been amazing to see how much they've grown and become amazing young women. 

It was the end of an era for Amy and I. Five years of Girls camp bliss for us. I was sad to not be her assistant this year, but I was glad that we were both there.

This was my team. We were team Orange for the Obstacle course and we rocked!! I love these girls. They put their heart and soul into everything. 

Maneuvering a blindfold course with ease. 

After all the teams went through, the leaders did it and smashed all the girls times. We are pretty awesome. 

I love this picture because all of these women are amazing and I have had some wonderful times with all of them. I am so lucky to be able to have so much fun. 

The last night of Girls Camp, it poured rain on us and we had to have our testimony meeting the next morning. The beehives tent started leaking like crazy, and it was chaos and madness for awhile. It was definitely memorable. I forgot what Maddy's Camper Award was, but something to do with Lifesavers. 

All the girls and leaders doodled on this sheet during camp. I loved looking at it at the end of camp and reliving some of the great moments. Girls Camp truly is a week that is drenched in fun and knowledge and spiritual experiences. It is the best! 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cousin Week

During the summer, I like to get my sisters and brothers kids up to my house so we can get in some cousin time with my side of the family. We only see them about once or twice a year so it's always exciting to have them come up and stay. We had my brother's 3 kids for a week and it was a lot of fun. 
We rode horses. 

We played at Cherry Hill.

We had Savannah, my sisters daughter, for 2 days and a night as a bonus. She was up visiting her grandma and we stole her for a few days. 

Cherry Hill with lots and lots of cousins. I think there were 26 of us. 

Cherry Hill was a big hit. None of them wanted to leave. 

Then we headed down to Oak City for the weekend before dropping them off. We went to the sand dunes and they caught a snake first thing. 

Everyone was over the moon with their new snake friend. They were all mad when I made them let it go. 

It was super windy and the sand was blowing in our faces, but we still had fun.

Everyone wanted to get buried. 

They all brought their money to spend at the little Oak City Store. We probably spent $80 dollars there on candy and junk food... They were in heaven. They each had about $10 to spend on whatever they wanted. Tristan spent all of his on Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper... wow.

It was a whirlwind week, but I'm so glad they got to come stay. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Liberty at 10

It's hard to believe my little girl is 10. She is still very much a silly, fun loving little girl. I love that she still loves to play with Littlest Pet Shops and My Little Ponies. She is more into her American Girl Dolls than into boys and I hope it stays like that for a long time. She is so creative and is always digging through the recycle bin using things for all of her projects. I love to see what she comes up with. She loves Art and painting and drawing. She loves being silly and crazy. She has a Pinkie Pie personality. She has a real talent for music and has really developed into a wonderful musician this past year. She plays the piano and the violin. She loves to play soccer and basketball. She loves to play with her cousins. She loves animals and bugs. She is not afraid of anything and loves to find unique and weird and scary looking bugs. She loves adventure and doing new things. She loves to play Minecraft and other computer games. She is always so attentive and caring with Briya. She loves taking care of her and Briya loves Libby best out of everyone. She loves snuggling up with mom and dad and watching movies. She brings so much fun and silliness into our family. I can't imagine life without her. 

Favorite Food: Bananas, Ramen Noodles, Ice cream
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Movie: Snow White, Dumbo, Tangled, Frozen, The Lego Movie
Favorite TV show: My Little Pony, Goosebumps
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
Favorite Scripture Story: The Good Samaritan, Samson, Nephi and the Brass Plates
Favorite Song: Don't Mine at Night, You're gonna go far kid, Everything is Awesome
Favorite Place to Eat: Dairy Delight
What Do You Want to be when you grow up: A doctor, an artist, Musician

Libby turns 10

It always seems like Libby's birthday falls on the busiest week/day/month.... every single year. And every year, I'm determined to make it right. This year it again fell on a very busy day. In fact, both Eddie and I were gone the whole entire day and into the night. Luckily I had made her cake the night before. She patiently waited all day for her party but when it looked like we wouldn't get home until after 9 pm, I called and told Maddy to let her open presents and eat cake and ice cream. She invited all the cousins over and the party began... 15 kids at a birthday party all without adult supervision. Ha, ha Good thing I trust Maddy so much. Her cake had Pinkie Pie's cutie mark on it as per her request. 

Maddy was awesome and took all these pictures for me. 

I love how the inside turned out. I've been wanting to make a cake like this for a long time. 

Libby loves legos and any kind of art or craft supply. She is always creating something. She was very happy with her Aunt's present of legos. 

Her cousin gave her art supplies.

Grandma sent money.

And mom and dad gave her rollerblades that change into roller skates in the winter. 

Her birthday and her best friend and cousin's birthday are only 3 days apart. We had a little birthday party at Grandma Lymans for all the June birthdays earlier in the month. She loved the awesome spirograph that grandma got her. 

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Briya's Nature Walk

A dear friend sent me this adorable yellow cowgirl dress. I had seen it at Cal Ranch before and fell in love, but wow, baby clothes at Cal Ranch are so expensive, so I was so happy and surprised to receive it in the mail. I immediately had to try it on Briya, which led to the cowgirl boots, which led to the cowgirl hat, which naturally led to a exploring nature walk outside. 

She always wants to wander outside and is constantly pointing her little finger at the door. I decided to let her wander and go exploring. I just followed along with the camera. 

She stopped right here on the grass and just started posing. I did not stage the horse. It was amazing. I love these pictures!!! She loves being around the horse. 

And off she went tromping through the weeds. She was so determined and acted like she knew exactly where she was going. I was dieing!

She stopped at the chickens first and said good night to them. Her little finger was always out pointing at everything. She loves the chickens and just laughs and laughs at them. 

Occasionally she would take off her hat and point with it or wave it in the air. I should have been videoing.

Every once in awhile, she would hear a sound and go completely still. She would look at me and say, "S'at?" which means, "What's that?" It was so cute. Her face was just so full of wonder and awe. 

And then she'd see something else that grabbed her attention and off she'd go.

She found the pigs and then circled back around to the rabbits. She LOVES the rabbits. We spent a good deal of time there with her completely enraptured with them.

I love this picture of her and one of the rabbits staring eachother down. So cute!

Every time she would find a stink bug or other bug she would lean down like this and shriek. It was so funny. I only wished I would have grabbed my nicer camera. These are all from my phone, but I thought they turned out perfectly adorable. Briya helps me slow down and remember to enjoy the small things. I'm so glad I took the time to just follow her around and watch the sheer joy she had at everything. She is such a delight.